Michigan Green Labs Initiative

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MGLI logo2The Michigan Green Labs Initiative (MGLI) is a project of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in partnership with the University of Michigan and supported by a U.S. EPA grant.

MGLI seeks to deliver resources and partner with institutions in Michigan to implement green laboratory practices. The University of Michigan Office of Campus Sustainability is partnering to provide resources and expertise after implementing their own sustainable labs program.


We have developed materials that will serve as the basis of the program by compiling best practices, methods, and resources for implementation at your institution. The MGLI materials can be downloaded on the sidebar of this page.

We would also like to begin building a network of green lab professional partners in Michigan. The forum below will serve as a vehicle to connect others thinking about greening their labs. We hope you will sign up and join the discussion.

Ultimately, we hope your institution will become a partner and start a pilot green labs project or program. See the information in the Green Labs Coordinator Packet to find out how to sign up and get started.

Opportunities for Michigan Green Labs partner institutions:

  • Join as partner for your organization, department, or individual labs.
  • Contribute to a network of green labs practitioners via the Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse.
  • Provide input on materials to help institutions find green and sustainable practices and solutions.
  • Pilot methods at your institution. Report results to the green labs community.
  • Apply for a competitive pool of funding through the grant project for implementation at your institution.

Stay tuned for further updates to the program.

For more information contact Chris Affeldt, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at affeldtc@michigan.gov.

  • Forum

    Coming soon...

    The Michigan Green Labs Initiative Forum is intended to serve as a meeting place for green labs practitioners implementing MGLI materials.

    You can use the forum to:

    • Inquire about best practices with materials, equipment, or any other subject related to greening up your lab operations.
    • Discuss material issues such as reuse and exchange on or between sites.
    • Learn from others implementing sustainable lab techniques.
    • Promote practices and programs.
    • Post other questions or opportunities related to the topic.
  • Resources

    Michigan Green Labs Initiative Green Labs Coordinator Packet

    Green Labs Coordinator Packet (PDF)

    A. MGLI Program Description (Word)

    B. MGLI Partner Sign-up Form (Word)

    C. How to Start a Green Labs Program (Word)

    D. Program Summary for Distribution to Labs (Word)

    E. How to Certify Green Labs (Word)

    F. Partner Inventory Form (Word)

    G. Results Measurement and Reporting Form (Word)

    H. U of M Sustainable Labs Case Study (Word)

    Michigan Green Lab Initiative Lab Assessment Packet

    Lab Assessment Packet (PDF)

    A, Program Summary (Word)

    B. Self-Assessment Process Overview (Word)

    C. Self-Assessment Form (Word)

    D. Green Labs Resources and References (Word)

    E. Lab Inventory Tables (Word)

    F. Performance Measurement and Tracking Form (Word)

  • Events

    Michigan Green Labs Initiative Workshop: Making Labs Safer and More Sustainable

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014; Molecular Plant Sciences Building, Michigan State University, East Lansing; 9.00AM to 3.00PM

    Cost:  $25  Includes catered lunch and tour of MSU lab facilities

    Join the discussion at the second annual Green Labs workshop, graciously hosted by Michigan State University, as we continue building a network of green lab professional partners in Michigan. Presentations will be given by MSU on HVAC controls, energy conservation, and reducing chemical hazards without hindering research. We will also share additional case studies and best practices and distribute MGLI materials that can serve as the basis of a program for implementation at your institution. 

    For the Agenda and to register, please visit here.

    Michigan Green Labs Initiative Workshop: Transferring Green Labs Best Practices

    Wednesday, July 31, 2013; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; 9.00AM to 2.00PM

    For more information:

     Workshop Flyer


    Sustainable Laboratory Certification Program, Sudhakar Reddy, PhD, University of Michigan (PDF)

    Green Laboratory Practices, Lauren Olson, Michigan State University (PDF)

    Michigan Green Labs Initiative – Resources and Opportunities, Chris Affeldt, Michigan DEQ, Adam Waggoner, University of Michigan (PDF)