Welcome to the Website of the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Student Network

The Student Voice for Transforming Chemistry on Campus

The mission of the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Student Network is to create a web-based resource where students can join together witih other students to take an active voice in the green chemistry community.

The goal is to become a place where students can share information and make connections, learn more about what green chemistry is and does, and how it relates to your work in whatever field you are working

With the support of the Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse and students like you, the GLGC Student Network is working to become a place for all students, from K-12 to graduate, to learn what they need to know in the fields of environmental science and health, focusing on Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, but also including information and learning about toxicology, nanotechnology and Green Chemistry, public health, policy and much more.

The GLGC Student Network is striving to the place to come for

  • learning about undergraduate and graduate chemistry programs that are incorporating the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry  and the 12 Principles of Green Engineering and doing cutting-edge research in the field;
  • linking up and networking  with other students and scientists who share your research interests as well as giving you  the opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue with the top people in the field through our regular “Ask an Expert” feature;
  • finding out about internships, fellowship, scholarships, and jobs in Green Chemistry and Engineering and other fields of interest to environmental scientists.

We are looking for students interesting in participating on our Student Advisory Board – we want to know  your ideas and interests, and we need your help in developing our social networking capacity!  Please email us at glgreenchemistry@gmail.com

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CONTACT US at glgreenchemistry@gmail.com