The 2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP) seeks to target reduction or elimination of the most toxic compounds that can be achieved by industry through pollution prevention or source reduction approaches. Companies have the flexibility to select chemicals for reduction to meet specific business objectives to focus reduction efforts on, or use the SCCP list of priority chemicals as guidance.

2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP)

The SCCP is a voluntary initiative to motivate, challenge, assist and reward companies as they reduce the use of chemicals, especially hazardous chemicals, through source reduction measures.

These measures include the following approaches:

  • Making changes in production processes and adopting new technologies
  • Moving toward cleaner processes that avoid the use and generation of toxic chemicals
  • Changing raw materials to include benign or low toxicity materials that degrade into innocuous substances in the environment
  • Using tools and design options in support of green chemistry
  • Selecting and using safe alternatives

Challenge Program Benefits

By making changes and participating in the Challenge Program, companies can:

  • Improve company image with the community
  • Improve employee health and safety
  • Institute supply chain initiatives
  • Minimize risk and liability
  • Realize that alternatives may have improved performance and improve profitability
  • Reduce cost of compliance and employee protection
  • Reward investments in the design of increasingly safer chemicals and products

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The Safer Chemistry Challenge Program in Michigan and the Great Lakes region is funded under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) is partnering with the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR), Clean Production Action (CPA) and the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network to recruit 50-100 companies into a program that challenges companies to reduce their use of hazardous chemicals through source reduction measures. Expected outcomes include prevention of 2 million pounds of toxic chemicals from entering the Great Lakes ecosystem. Additionally, NPPR with its partners will host two conferences, six GreenScreenTM Trainings and two webinars.

NPPR is the largest membership organization in the U.S. devoted solely to pollution prevention. The mission of NPPR is to provide a national forum for promoting the development, implementation, and evaluation of efforts to avoid, eliminate or reduce pollution at the source.

Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse is an Alliance Member of the Safer Chemistry Challenge Program

Michigan Businesses Enrolled in SCCP

Gougeon Brothers, Inc.

NPPR 2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Webinar Series

 Spring 2014 Schedule

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Past webinars

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