Award Categories and Winners:

Small Business Award: Biosolutions, LLC and pHurity, Inc.
Public Award: The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network

 Small Business Award

Biosolutions, LLC

Clean & GreenTM Cleaning Products


Mark Lackner (General Manager)


Biosolutions LLC of Grand Haven produces industrial cleaners and metal working fluids containing greener chemistry components. Conventional cleaning formulations, especially those for industrial and institutional use, often rely on ingredients whose environmental and human health profiles can be improved. The Biosolutions LLC, Clean & Green™ technology is based on the non-ionic alkyl alcohol ethoxylate surfactants rather than commonly used nonylphenol or alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants. The Clean & Green™ Cleaning Products are environmentally preferable products; they are less toxic to humans than many products currently in use, inherently safer with regard to accident potential, and are biodegradable.

Clean & Green™ products and Biosolutions LLC are recognized under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Formulator Program. Clean & Green™ Cleaning Products meet or exceed Performance Testing under Design for the Environment’s Formulator Program for general purpose cleaners and glass cleaners as well as exceed the Green SealTM Standard for Industrial and Institutional Gleaners GS-37 performance requirements.

“Biosolutions opened their doors over twelve years ago with a total green focus. Twelve years ago very few people embraced this sustainable green movement. It is extremely encouraging to me to see organizations like our Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable endorse and encourage efforts of small businesses like Biosolutions. Collectively we are still a minority with a continuing uphill educational battle.”

pHurity, Inc.

pHurity Green Formulated and Manufactured Plant-Based Products


Barbara Kovach (Co-Founder)


pHurity, Inc. of Franklin is a formulator of plant-based, renewable, biodegradable products, including green cleaners, 3X concentrate laundry and hand soap formulations, each of which has been evaluated by NSF International against certain published, highly protective standards that advance the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency to protect human health and the environment. pHurity product formulas have met the program’s standards and are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Safer Product Labeling Program to proudly display their logo. In addition, the nominated green chemistry is unique because it utilizes surfactants included on the Environmental Protection Agency’s CleanGredients® list, the properties of which are thoroughly reviewed. From formulation to design and manufacturing, pHurity takes a pro-active approach to pollution prevention and greener chemistries.

The nominated green chemistry is a cleaner, safer, and healthier way to make the chemicals and products that we use in our homes and businesses every day. Because this green chemistry is used by retail consumers, its very existence educates people, one by one, on the importance of protecting their health, their family’s health and the environment.

“People are concerned about their health and the environment, but may not relate to the role that green chemistry plays in the solution. Our challenge is to connect people in every venue with the visionaries of green chemistry. When people connect through products used in every day living, they step into the vision and are more likely to open their lives to other sustainable products and practices that support life.”

Supplemental information:

  • Press release from pHurity Inc. on winning the Small Business Award for the 2010 Michigan Green Chemistry Governor’s Award Program (October 21, 2010)
 Public Award

The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network

Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network


Lin Kaatz Chary (Director)


Since inception in 2006, the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network (GLGCN) has become a hub for information and communication on Green Chemistry through its web site (, its monthly telephone seminar series, and its participation in efforts addressing chemicals policy in the United States and Canada. The objective of this work is to enhance and facilitate communication and education about the principles and practice of green chemistry throughout the bi-national Great Lakes; and the integration of green chemistry as an aspect of the Great Lakes protection and remediation.

Activities of the GLGCN directly support the efforts of Michigan’s Green Chemistry Program. The free telephone series has become a hallmark of the work the GLGCN is doing to educate and spur discussion about green chemistry. In addition, the GLGCN web site has grown to include a blog, “Catalyst”, and regularly posts information about green chemistry activities, news, and reports. Through its focus on providing networking and dialoging opportunities among five key sectors in the Great Lakes, industry, academia, government, NGOs, and labor; the GLGCN encourages intellectual inquiry and research into the application of green chemistry to Great Lakes challenges.

“The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network is extremely honored to receive a Michigan Green Chemistry Governor’s Award, particularly as Michigan has played such a leadership role in recognizing the potential of green chemistry for both economic development and environmental protection. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Michigan green chemistry innovators and advocates.”